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On Disability in Netflix’s When They See Us

Vilissa shares her thoughts on When They See Us on the Disability Visibility website.

Content Notice: mention of rape, racism, violence

On the Disability Visibility website, Vilissa Thompson, a black, disabled advocate, writes about disability in Netflix’s When They See Us. This program is a limited series that chronicles the Central Park Five – teenagers of color who were wrongly convicted of rape in 1985.

Vilissa captures how she felt after watching the Netflix show, and her realization that Korey Wise, one of the teenagers, is disabled. It is an important read that we highly suggest you check out.

“Korey’s story matters because he represents members in our community who are forgotten and dismissed when disability is present.”

– Vilissa

You can also watch the trailer for the show below. Let us know if you’ve watched, and what you think in the comments below.


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