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Able: A Series on Amazon Prime

On Amazon streaming services, I discovered Able: A Series. Co-hosted by Kallen Blair and Alie B. Gorrie, Able interviews disabled people in the entertainment industry and focuses on individual experiences in blossoming careers and stories about dealing with ableism along the way.

A Pakistani woman in a green dress sits and is interviewed by two white women in black and grey dresses
An interview with Maysoon Zayid.

There are currently 8 short episodes featuring interviews with:

  • Evan Ruggiero
  • Maysoon Zayid
  • John McGinty
  • Ann Talman
  • Ben Dworkin
  • Christine Bruno
  • Danny Woodburn
  • Ali Stroker

Have you watched Able: A Series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, as well as who you’d like to see on the show!